Corporate Equity

Investment strategy

Afone Participations invests in start-ups and emerging businesses in the early stages of development. We are interested in projects with sound technological foundations, backed by united, motivated teams that show strong potential. To be selected, a team must present an innovative vision of the products and markets in which it will operate.

We will then help the team to structure its project, develop its initial product or service offers and recruit its first customers. In addition to the financial support we offer, the team will also have the opportunity to draw on the business skills of our staff and our network.

We will support the new company’s growth by helping it to secure funding each time it is required. However, we will not block other investors out of funding rounds. We are keenly aware of the importance of stepping back whenever the conditions dictate.

In practice, we invest between €100k and €500k in a business during the seed phases. We may add to this sum during future funding rounds, but always in syndication with another investor.

We believe that innovation should give every good team with a good project a chance; we also recognise however that not every project will succeed, and that it is in everyone’s interests to spot the signs of failure as early as possible.