Corporate Equity

Selection of projects

Our project selection process is fairly simple and traditional.

The first stage is a face-to-face meeting between us and the project team. During this meeting, we seek to grasp the vision, potential and scope of the project. It is an opportunity for an initial discussion with the team, during which they can outline their support and funding needs. Sometimes, we may ask teams to meet with us again so that we can be sure we have fully understood the project and what it involves.

During the second stage, the team will present their project to an Afone Participations committee. The presentation should be short (15 minutes) and will be followed by questions about the technical, HR, financial, and sales and marketing aspects of the project. Once again, we may organise additional meetings to cover specific topics in more depth.

Third comes the decision-making stage, consisting of an opinion from the Afone Participations investment committee followed by a final decision by the Afone Participations Board of Directors.

The whole process generally takes place within a fairly short timescale – around three months, if the team involved is responsive and the project is sufficiently mature. Of course, there is a selection element to each of the stages.