Cookies policy

A cookie is a small file placed on your computer at the request of the server managing a website you have visited. It contains information about the way you browsed the website pages. The cookies placed when you visit our website are used to help it operate optimally by storing information about you during the time you are connected to the website, to create audience measurement statistics and to show you advertisements tailored to your interests, and to improve the way the website interacts with social media.

Within your computer, cookies are managed by your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.). It is your browser that receives the request from the server to place a cookie. (Cookies are part of the HTTP protocol used to communicate data on the World Wide Web.) Because your browser places the cookie, it is via your browser settings that you can control the use of cookies. You can refuse all cookies, but if you do you will be unable to use the features of numerous websites, if you can access them at all. You can use your browser to find, list and delete cookies. Cookies eventually disappear, even if you do not delete them. They have an expiration time which may be the end of your session (when you leave the website), or several months later.

These provisions describe the way cookies are used on our website and how you can activate or deactivate them.

The only cookies that will be placed on your computer when you browse our website are Google Analytics and Adwords cookies.

These cookies record information about the way you browsed our website (pages viewed, date and time of visit, etc.). We can read these cookies when you return to the website in order to analyse the way you use it.

The expiration time for Google Analytics cookies varies. Further information is available here:

Please be aware that you can set your browser to refuse cookies. To find out how to do this, look in the “help” section of the browser or read these web pages:

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