Partner accelerators

We are keen to support the best projects and the best teams. To find them, we work in partnership with certain accelerator programmes. In doing so, we can watch projects being set up from the very early stages and provide our support at the right time.

We currently work closely with two accelerator programmes:

  • The Refiners, San Francisco, USA. 

The Refiners  is an accelerator programme coupled with a pre-seed investment fund. It was founded by three French entrepreneurs based in Silicon Valley. They set up the programme to help start-up teams thrive by learning how to operate in the incredible but singular environment of Silicon Valley. Once selected, the teams work at the programme’s San Francisco headquarters, building up the various aspects of their project so that it becomes highly attractive to investment funds. 

  • WeForge, Angers, France.

Weforge is a 100% private organisation founded in 2013. It supports start-up teams by providing them with premises and organising regular networking events and topic-based workshops and by putting them in contact with networks of entrepreneurs, customers, investors and service providers. It has supported over 350 projects to date. There are now 130 people working at the Banzaiii Camp every day, in 1,800 sqm of shared offices in Angers city centre. In 2016, WeForge created a start-up studio (Weforge Studio), to develop projects (products, concepts, services, etc.) in agile mode with a dedicated team of specialists – selected according to the requirements of the project – on behalf of major corporations and industrial companies looking to outsource their innovation strategy and R&D. Weforge plays a key role in the innovation and entrepreneurship landscape through both its own operations and the support it offers.

Beyond the scope of these partnerships, we also welcome all projects, whether they are based within other accelerator programmes or completely independent.