Corporate Equity

Le portefeuille d’entreprises

Sereema has designed an innovative solution that allows real-time analysis and optimization of wind turbine operation. This system includes a set of sensors grouped in a small box connected to a processing platform whose algorithms make it possible to build the dashboards essential to operators.

BMI SYSTEM is a specialized software editor that offers solutions for personal data management (GDPR regulation in Europe) and for regulatory transparency obligations in the health sector. Today, the solutions are the most advanced and the only one delivering global worldwide services to international companies.

Based on artificial intelligence technologies, Snipfeed has built a disruptive model in the distribution of information content for the Z generation. Artificial intelligence learns from interactions in order to provide the best content to each user. The community of users of the service is growing very rapidly in the USA, but also in France. The service is available through Messenger, and also through a dedicated application for IOS and Android.